Dave Wakely Sign Painter
Traditional and bespoke sign painting that will soothe your eyes, last for decades and be easy on your wallet, using only the finest sign painting materials.
• Interior & Exterior Signage €(commercial and domestic) • Gilding • Painting & Decorating • Stencil Work • Murals • Carpentry • Fine Art Commissions

I offer a service that is unique. When I paint your (blank i.e. Front Door), it’s a design that will appear there and there only. We’ll discuss a design and I will then make your idea a reality on paper. From there, I will then paint it in your chosen situ, using my most excellent paints, there, and there only. It will be a one off.


The paints that I use on windows, doors, vehicles & furniture are designed to last, this is fact. I use high gloss enamel paints (where appropriate), largely 1Shot & Wrights of Lymm sign writing paints, brushes, clear coats & gold leaf. They are the best products on the market for this discipline and are designed to last 25 years for exterior use and I do not skimp on the materials that I use. So if you are looking at an interior design project, the paints I use will last longer than the gloss that is on your skirting boards, guaranteed. Although, if you are looking at semi-permanent applications, I also have a full range of acrylic & poster paints available.

Artistic Influence

I have spent my adult life practicing art and sucking up culture like a hoover, both studying and teaching art & photography courses. I have also spent my spare time reading, performing, travelling and painting. I am obsessed with art and am very knowledgeable regarding art history so can offer help with a wide range of ideas in consultation regarding your project ideas .


‘We needed an attractive sign for a pop-up community consultation that would really stand out. The hand painted banner David produced did the trick. It was beautifully designed and painted, delivered bang on schedule and gave our project the “wow factor” we needed to attract people to our consultation events. These led onto us securing a £350K community grant and Dave’s sign played a real part in this success.’
John HallamMaindee Festival Association

Sign Painting

Hi there, Dave Wakely Sign Painter is me, Dave Wakely and I specialize in all manner of artistic work using finest sign painting materials.

After studying a degree in Photographic Arts in Newport, South Wales & then spending a decade teaching both photography & art at a local college and exhibiting my art work in group exhibitions, I decided to make what I really love to do my bread & butter.

I have been using sign painting materials and methods to create & exhibit work both as fine art & commercially since 2011, working with high gloss enamel, acrylics & gold leaf on surfaces as diverse as wood, glass, canvas, plastic & metal.

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