Dave Wakely Sign Painting


Hi there, Dave Wakely Sign Painter is me, Dave Wakely and I specialize in all manner of artistic work using finest sign painting materials.

After studying a degree in Photographic Arts in Newport, South Wales & then spending a decade teaching both photography & art at a local college and exhibiting my art work in group exhibitions, I decided to make what I really love to do my bread & butter. I have been using sign painting materials and methods to create & exhibit work both as fine art & commercially since 2011, working with high gloss enamel, acrylics & gold leaf on surfaces as diverse as wood, glass, canvas, plastic & metal. Stylistically, I feel that I am bringing a contemporary edge to traditional principles that is befitting of the resurging appeal to traditional trade skills such as sign painting. Adding that human touch in a world over saturated with tawdry vinyl signage, that a. Looks really poor, and b. Looks even worse after just a couple of years. My mission is to spend my working life doing my bit to bring back the beautiful high street aesthetic that was so widespread in the first part of the 20th century, but with a modern twist. And of course, being of the post modern era as we are, I can also bring that cool look into your home.