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May 14, 2014
Even A Stopped Clock Keeps The Right Time Twice A Day

Is the English translation of this piece that I made for the recent Painting to Music exhibition at The Upmarket Galleries in Newport. The idea being one that had been milling around in my head for some considerable length of time before I finally got around to doing it. The phrase itself coming from the internal dialogue of ‘I’ played by Paul McGann in the cult classic film ‘Withnail & I’ from 1987 and famously sampled by both Orbital (Planet of Shapes from 1993’s Brown album) and Ride (Cool Your Boots from 1992’s Going Blank Again album).
The other connection with music of course being that the piece itself is made up of spray paint & 1Shot enamels on six 12″ records that, believe me, won’t be missed.

Which were then meticulously hoisted into mid air nothingness via the magic of window dressers string & fitted with 6 knackered clock mechanisms that all tell the right time twice a day.